The Cross Connection

staffordsSteve and Lisa Stafford are the leaders of our Cross Connections youth group.

At Highland Baptist Church our goal is to actively engage our youth, making sure all activities are centered around Christ.  Our goal is to equip our youth with the tools needed to lead Godly lives and be able to filter all decisions through the lens of a biblical world view.  The Cross Connection is Highland Baptist Church’s exciting youth ministry  for  high school age students as well as college and career young people.  The Cross Connection is very active and often takes exciting supervised weekend excursions to places such as The Wilds in North Carolina and the Creation Museum in Cincinnati.

Please come and visit!  Who knows what exciting excursion we will take next!

Our youth continue their stewardship and study as they transition through life after graduating high school by attending the College and Career class.  The College and Career class continues the focus of equipping young adults to be able to make life decisions using the same biblical world view.

We encourage every family to come and visit Highland Baptist and would love for your children to become members of the Highland Baptist youth group!  There are always exciting activities occurring and we hope that every member of the family will be blessed!